Fast, better and safe sele of your property


        1. Experience in real estate

  •   purchase, sale, rental of houses, flats, land and other
  •   fast cash for your house or apartment
  •   payment of collateral, execution, insolvency - a possibility of leaseback

3D real estate scan

Ground plan

Video tour

Professional photography

2. Other real estate services

  • preparation of property for tour, sale or transfer to a new owner, including cleaning and maintenance to increase the price of property

  • own website of your property
  • advertising on real estate servers and social networks, including offering your property to those interested in the database
  • evaluation of real estate for sale, credit and inheritance proceedings
  • moving, clearing, reconstruction, painting
  • Financing - mortgages, building savings loans, non-bank mortgages
  • property and household insurance incl. responsibility for "crap" and for your pets (dogs, cats, horses and other)
  • 3. Experience in taxes and accounting

    •   advise on different taxes
    •   help with real estate tax
    •   preparing a tax return on the acquisition of real estate, including ensuring estimation or finding guide value
    •   preparation of personal income tax return including all supplements and overviews for the health insurance company and the district social security administration

    4. Experience with subsidies

    •      New green savings
    •      Kotlíková dotace

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    So do not hesitate to write to info@jitka-biernatova.cz



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