Estimation of market value of real estate

Estimating the market price of a property is appropriate for you if:

  1. soon you are considering selling, renting or buying a property
  2. you need to evaluate the property as a basis for inheritance management, donation or settlement of SJM or co-ownership share, narrowing or extension of SJM
  3. you just want to inform yourself about the value of your property

What exactly do you get

Professionally processed document containing:

  •    detailed information about the market value of your property
  •    expert opinion of an independent real estate agency
  •    Documentation for notarial deed for inheritance proceedings, donation or settlement of joint property of spouses or co-ownership, narrowing or extension of joint property of spouses

What awaits you?

  •    We will arrange a personal meeting where I will find all the necessary information, detailed analysis, the necessary data to determine the condition of your property, construction and legal status.
  •    I can get some information from the building office and other institutions
  •    Once we have everything we need, we will process the market valuation of the property, which you will receive from us in electronic form

Contact me, I will be happy to arrange a personal non-binding meeting with you