I wish you a nice day, whether you´ve visited my personal site by accident or for a purpose. 

My name is Jitka, I am almost 45 years old and I have two children, my son Michael (5) and my daughter Teresa (17). We all love nature, animals, mushroom picking, trips and especially horses.

I graduated from the Secondary School of Economics in Orlová with a school-leaving examination in General Economics. Even though I have logical thinking, I use common sense and numbers have always been my pride, but the animals have attracted me more. Therefore, after school, I took the opportunity to get to know the world around me and joined the National Circus, original Berousek, as a nurse and a driver.

Since 2006 I have lived in Ostrava and have been working in real estate, finance, accounting and consulting. In 2019, I attended the Certified Million Broker course. This course gave me a lot of new information, advice, ideas and experience, which was very beneficial and I can use it for my work. Working in real estate is also a hobby for me. I am fascinated by modern technologies through which I offer properties for sale. And because my hobby is also traveling, I like to go around and if I can combine it with my work, I enjoy it very much.

I specialize mainly in my surroundings, ie Ostrava, but the beauty of nature makes me reach to more distant places. Each property is unique and original, and therefore each of them devote all my attention and individuality in presentation.

I know there are a lot of people who have a problem in these areas and don't know how to deal with it. And that's why I'm here to help you.

So don't hesitate to contact me!

We'll make an appointment today.


I look forward to seeing you :-)

Biernatová Jitka

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