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Miroslava Drvotová, Ing.

Sales Representative

"She worked in my team at ČMSS, a.s., where she was very active and especially hardworking. She is quick and direct in the negotiations, friendly and non-conflict in relationships. As a sales representative and as a real estate agent, she is excellent"

Markéta Hovjacká

Trainer and chief of the Horsehouse Slezská Ostrava

"She is an intelligent, hardworking, sometimes very stubborn woman with a difficult life and destiny. A woman dedicated to his work and the right thing. A woman with a heart on her palm, unless you think in a different direction ... "

Jitka Žídková

Client, kindergarten teacher

"People are different. One group is made up of those who only help when it returns to them in some way - financially they will cope with their running to the authorities. But there are still people who will help and who would expect nothing from you, because they simply enjoy it. I was lucky enough to meet such a person. And if any of you find yourself in a similar situation like me, contact Mrs. Biernát. She is not only a great real estate agent, but above all, a direct person. Thank her very much for everything."

Mirka Sommerová

Callcentrum VZP

"You rarely meet a person who is so well versed in so many fields and who knows almost all the problems around real estate. Mrs. Jitka knows, and if she doesn't, she knows where to turn. Hats off ."

Michal Filip

Car mechanic

"Thanks to a very nice and professionally prepared presentation, today my house has become problem-free and according to the time schedule, as agreed. High-quality legal services provided by a lawyer, including custody of money. In other words, 5 stars out of 5.."