Services for buyers

You buy your property safely and comfortably. We will solve the whole purchase with you or choose just a few steps.

  1. You have been looking for yourself for a long time, getting tired of browsing all the ads, but you haven't found anything interesting yet?
  2. Have you found, but there is an "unsolvable" problem, or do you need to solve the funding?
  3. Or are you just thinking about buying and you don't know how to buy it?

We will find a suitable property

  •    We will find out your ideas about the location, price, layout, area of ​​the house and land
  •    We will pre-select for you from our properties, private advertisers and other real estate agencies
  •    You will receive information about suitable properties
  •    We will go through the property with you
  •    We will check the legal status of real estate - pledges, execution, pre-emptive right, easements, ownership
  •    We evaluate the technical condition of the real estate - building condition, network connection, possible apparent defects of the property, permission to use
  •    We will examine the locality - municipal plan, planned construction, air pollution and hazardous substances, flood areas, transport accessibility, neighborhood relations
  •    Determination of real cost of housing - advances for services, insurance, real estate tax

We negotiate advantageous conditions

  •    We will represent you in negotiations on the purchase price and throughout the process
  •    We will verify the possibility of financing and help with its provision
  •    We will help you with the selection of suitable insurance for both real estate and households.
  •    We will review and revise the Booking Agreement and accompany you to sign it.

We ensure smooth running

  •    We will ensure that the agreed purchase procedure is adhered to
  •    We will prepare all contractual documentation with lawyers
  •    Alternatively, we will review your documents with lawyers
  •    We will ensure the coordination of the whole process, including monitoring of payment deadlines

We don't stop after the purchase

  •    We will see to it that the handover of the real estate is in order
  •    We provide transcription of energy to the most advantageous suppliers
  •    Mediate other services - moving, painting, clearing, landscaping, reconstruction and others
  •    We monitor deadlines for reporting to the appropriate authorities

Contact me, I will be happy to arrange a non-binding meeting with you

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