Services for property owners

Do more pleasant activities than worry about your property. Choose the range of services we can help you with.

  1. Are you wondering if it pays to sell or rent your property more?
  2. Looking for a decent paying tenant?
  3. Watching all payment deadlines is a superhuman task for you?
  4. Need help managing and maintaining your property?

Profitable rental

  •    We make a market estimate - evaluate your property and determine the amount of rent
  •    Together we will discuss your rental strategy
  •    We will prepare your property for presentation - homestaging, quality photographs, video tour
  •    Mediate other services - making PENB, eviction, painting, moving in furniture
  •    We can reach potential tenants in the form of advertising, selection from the database and private advertising, we advertise on more than 30 internet servers and 6 social networks
  •    We will represent you during the tours and select a proven tenant from the candidates
  •    We will revise your lease agreement or we will prepare a new lease agreement with our lawyers, including any amendments
  •    We ensure everything so that the course is trouble-free

After signing the lease agreement we do not stop

  •    We oversee the handover of the property to the new tenant
  •    We oversee the transcription of energy to the tenant
  •    We supervise regular payments and annual billing of services
  •    We provide other services - maintenance, cleaning, tax and accounting advice
  •    Based on the Power of Attorney, we will represent you at all meetings at all authorities and institutions
  •    We will ensure regular revisions within the legal deadlines

Are you considering selling your property? Take a look at the steps we will take to ensure a quick and safe sale.

Contact me, I will be happy to arrange a non-binding meeting with you

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