Services for sellers

I will take care of fast and safe sale of your property for the highest possible price.         Entrust us with the whole process or use only some services.

  1. Are you selling your property and not sure if you have correctly priced your property?
  2. Do you spend all your time on tours and real buyers anywhere?
  3. Looking for a reliable broker who really helps you with the sale?

Preparing for sale

  • * determination of the market price of real estate for sale, credit and inheritance proceedings - we evaluate the technical and legal situation, compare it with a price map, propose a bid price
  • * preparing real estate for presentation, search, sale or handover to new owner, including cleaning and maintenance increasing the price of the property
  • * 3D scanning of real estate, video tours, real estate plan
  • * own website of your property
  • * Depending on your situation, we will select the marketing plan of the sale, set the course of the whole sale and confirm a timeline of the sale
  • * Mediation of PENB

Find a buyer

  •    I will make your own website for your property
  •    We will advertise your property on more than 30 internet real estate servers and social networks Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter
  •    For tours I take only verified clients
  •    I will give you feedback - visitor statistics, client response, property searches
  •    We mark the property with outdoor bannere

Safe transfer

  •    We will thoroughly familiarize you with the reservation contract you will sign with the buyer
  •    We will negotiate the terms of sale and the entire transaction for you
  •    We will arrange everything so that everything goes smoothly and without problems
  •    With experienced real estate lawyers we will arrange all documents necessary for signing the purchase contract
  •    Safekeeping of the purchase price is safely secured in a lawyer's or bank's safekeeping
  •    When signing the Escrow Agreement, the conditions for payment of the purchase price are clearly set in advance
  •    Regular communication - information on the course of proceedings

We don't stop after the sale

  •    We will see to it that the property is properly handed over to the new owners
  •    We will prepare the Handover Protocol
  •    We will ensure that you opt out of taxes in time
  •    We will help you with transcription of energy
  •    We will help you with moving and clearing the property

Contact me, I will be happy to arrange a non-binding meeting with you

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