Distrust and low level of education of real estate brokers means their reputation is nothing special. But there are a lot of great people in the industry who approach each client and his needs responsibly, decently, honestly and with a modest approach. But almost nobody perceives it that way.

I believe, and it is also my approach and it should be fair, right and natural in both life and real estate. Therefore, my goal is always to provide good quality services to my clients. I constantly increase the level of services. This is also due to the fact that I constantly educate myself and improve my expertise in all real estate related sectors.

Tax consultancy and accounting

Need help with taxes after buying property?

Did you buy property as an investment?

What do you have to state in your tax return?

Financial advice

Do you need to buy real estate, investment in reconstruction, for a company or just to buy the place? .

Projects for subsidies

Give me a breakdown of what you need to finance, what you do during a year, or what you want to invest into.

Principles of personal data processing and AML law

I do not take these principles and legal obligations lightly

Energy performance certificate of buildings

Your duty according to law. It is necessary to hand it over to a buyer when signing a purchase contract. You can find more information here.

If you have a question, write! I will be happy to pay attention to you

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